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December 18, 2011 | Flower Meanings And Symbolism

Looks harmful and stinging when you touch it, but cactus plant isn’t that bad after all. They are the survivors of the desert as some claimed for they survive extremely hot environments with less amount of water. Their unique appearance is the result of this plant specie’s continuous adaptation to extremely hot and dry climates to conserve water. A member of the plant family Cactaceae, cactus (plural form cacti or cactuses) is native to the desert part of the Americas, but now reached the Canadian-American borders, northern parts of Mexico and even the tropical regions of South America. Some cactus species are small while some reached up to 20 meters long. Another interesting feature of cactus is that its thorns reached to the leaves, and its stem itself contains chlorophyll that is essential for plants in making their food. Despite its countless spikes surrounding its leaves and stems, cacti are flower bearing plants and they often produce lovely and colorful flowers. More importantly, the cactus meaning and symbolism is totally different from its stinging appearance, though it is the basis of cactus meaning of the modern era.

The Victorian language of flowers based the symbolism of this distinctive plant on its overall appearance and characteristics. Cactus meaning is being associated with endurance and survival (representing cactus’s staying power to extremely hot temperatures). It also symbolizes the love of a mother, or maternal love (representing the spikes that protect the plant from being destroyed, just like the love of a mother). Sending cactus plant to your loved one is also the most innovative way of expressing “my heart is burning with my love to you”. Cacti are commonly used as ornaments both indoors and outdoors, but they are also used as animal food and fruits. Cactuses were also used by numerous artists in their artworks to convey hidden messages of endurance and maternal love. As final words, the overall looks of this plant is not a hindrance for cactus meaning and symbolism to be inspirational – thanks to the Victorian language of flowers.

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