Chamomile Flower Meaning and Symbol

April 13, 2012 | Flower Meanings And Symbolism

Chamomile Flower Meaning and Symbolism


Not only that its medicinal use and capability to create the finest tea that made this flower popular, but because of chamomile flower meaning and symbolism associated by the Victorian language of flowers. Chamomile flower symbolizes being energetic or to be specific “energy in action”. The basis for this symbolism according to the Victorian language of flowers is the flower’s ability to cure numerous diseases and also its ability to create the finest tea.


Botany and Uses of Chamomile Flower


Having resemblance of the daisy flowers, chamomile or chamomile flowers are a unique type of flowers known not only because of its cute and lovely flowers but also for its medicinal value and its wide range of use. A flowering plant genus of the family Asteraceae that includes wide varieties of chamomile flowers, this tiny and mostly white petal flower with yellow center is best known for its capability to create the finest tea that helped those who are having sleep problems. Tea produced from this flower is best served with either honey or lemon. Research also proved that the tea helps reduce stress. Apart from the finest tea, chamomile flowers are highly commended for its medicinal uses. In fact, according to the U.S National Library of Medicine, through its MedinePlus database, there is over 100 sickness conditions in which chamomile has been used traditionally as medicine1. Lastly, chamomile flowers are also used in creating lotions, ointments and mouthwash against mouth problems. These unique properties of chamomile would be more than enough for a wonderful chamomile flower meaning and symbolism in the Victorian language of flowers.

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