Delphinium Flower Meaning and Symbol

April 4, 2012 | Flower Meanings And Symbolism

Delphinium Flower Meaning and Symbolism



Victorian language of flowers associated delphinium flower meaning with devoted attachment to your love, big-heartedness, enthusiasm, fun and lightheartedness – symbolizing delphinium’s magnificent beauty, its star-shaped flower and its vibrant mostly blue color. Decorating your home with bunches of delphinium flowers could give a cheerful aura inside your home. It is also one way of representing your hospitality, enthusiasm and kindness towards your visitors. Choosing the color variation that suits your personality will not change delphinium flower meaning – Victorian language of flowers assigned a general symbolism for the delphinium flowers regardless of its color variation.


Botany, History and Uses of Delphinium Flower


The name delphinium was derived from the Greek word delphi meaning “dolphin” referring to the flower’s resemblance to bottle-like nose of a dolphin. Other sources claimed that delphinium was derived from the French form of the Latin word Delphinia, which means “woman from Delphi”. It is the common name for the genus of about 300 flowering plant species in the family Ranunculaceae. This perennial flower is native to the Northern Hemisphere and throughout the high mountains of tropical regions of Africa. Other names of delphinium include knight’s spur, lark’s claw, and lark’s heel.


Available in different color variation that includes blue, purple, pink, violets and more, delphinium flowers are perfect for indoor ornaments, as well as decorations for wedding receptions and other floral arrangements. Delphinium flowers were also a primary source of blue dye in North America. Also the European considered delphinium to be their primary source of ink. The lovely looks and dazzling blue color of delphinium flowers are the basis for the Victorian language of flowers for an optimistic and inspirational delphinium flower meaning and symbol.

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