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November 10, 2012 | Flower Symbol A To Z

Morning Glory – this flower was called morning glory because this flower normally blooms in the morning and dies in the afternoon. No need to worry though as new flowers bloom every day. This flower symbolizes affection.

Narcissus – the name of this flower was derived from a youth in Greek mythology named narcissus, which became so passionate with his own reflection, as he kneeled and look into a pool of water, he fell and drowned. Narcissus flower symbolizes familiarity, self-esteem and vanity. The Latin form of its name comes from the Greek word Narkissos which means “numbness” or “sleep”.

Nasturtium – this flower symbolizes win in a battle and invasion. The name nasturtium exactly means “nose-twister”. Nasturtiums are normally vibrant round flowers with stem supporting the center.

Orange Blossom – symbolizes everlasting love, marriage, purity and abundance. This flower also symbolizes good fortune and is a popular choice for wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. Orange blossom is also the national flower of the Florida state.

Orchid – the name orchid was taken from the Greek word orkhis which means “testicle” and from the word orghi. Orchid symbolizes beauty, love, passion, mature charm, improvement, thoughtfulness and many children. The family of orchid is considered to be one most numerous species of flowers available, and one of the most popular flowers on the market. This flower comes in different forms and colors.

Pansy – from the French word pensee or “thought”, pansy means “you fill my thoughts” and cheerfulness. In some regions, this flower is also called heartsease and the unusual Johnny Jump Up.

Peony – this flower was named after a physician god named Paeon for this flower was formerly used in medicine. Peonies symbolize joyful marriage, shyness and sympathy. This flower is cultured as an ornamental plant because of its size.

Petunia – if you are given a petunia flower, it means “your charisma soothes me”. Petunias are most abundant in Dixon, Illinois – the Petunia capital of the world.  Petunia festival is celebrated yearly on this state.

Poinsettia – this flower has been in existence throughout history which results for this flower to have different symbolism between cultures. For the Aztecs this flower symbolizes purity or innocence. In the modern times, poinsettia is a common flower during Christmas season. This flower is commonly known these days as “Christmas flower” and “Mexican flame leaf”. Poinsettia originated in Mexico and other parts of Central America.

Rose – this flower has different color variations: love and passion for red rose, innocence or purity for white rose, happiness for pink rose and betrayal for yellow rose.

Shamrock - the official symbol of the Republic of Ireland, shamrock means good fortune and luck and cheerfulness.

Snapdragon – symbolizes generosity, strength and courage. The name snapdragon exactly means “like a nose”.

Sunflower – this flower always blindly faces the sun, hence the name sunflower. This flower symbolizes admiration. Sunflowers are common in the American regions.

Sweet Pea – this flower has been a popular flower since the 1800 and at some point considered to be a flower symbol for Edwardian England. In modern era, sweet pea means heaven, pleasure, goodbye, and thank you. Sweet pea usually blooms during April.

Tulip – tulips generally symbolize fame and flawless love. However, different color varieties also have different meanings. Red tulip means declaration of love and “believe me”. Yellow tulip means “you have a very bright smile”. Spotted tulip symbolizes “you have amazing eyes”. Cream tulip means “everlasting love”. Tulip is the national flower of Netherlands.

Verbena – symbolizes sensibility and prayer request. In the past, this flower was used as herbal medicine. Verbenas are common in America and Europe.

Violet – comes from the Latin word viola meaning “violet flower”, this flower symbolizes affection, faithfulness, humility, love, vigilance and virtue.

Wisteria – named after an 18th century physician from Philadelphia Caspar Wistar, wisteria symbolizes acceptance and impulsiveness. Wisteria is also known in China as “Purple Vine”.

Zinnia – the name zinnia comes from the German botanist Johann Zinn. This flower was introduced as early as 1500 in Mexico. Zinnia symbolizes long lasting affection, goodness, loyalty and remembrance.

It is very evident that almost all flowers have flower name meanings. Some of them might have identical symbolism while some of them have contrasting meaning. It is not compulsory to believe every flower name symbolism, but these flower name symbols might be very helpful in selecting the right flowers for your special occasions.

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